The Genoskwa (also known as a wendigo) is the worlds most dangerous type of Bigfoot. They eat and kill anything they see. They have fangs and sharp claws. The Genoskwa is almost like a regular Sasquatch but more scary and aggressive. People who have seen these “monsters” have said that these Bigfoots are North American nightmares. They are located on the Northern parts on the U.S.A and all over Canada with the North American Sasquatch. It is not a good thing if you have been snatched by a Genoskwa. That means it probably wants you to be it’s next meal.

Genoskwa features: . Normal Bigfoot but with sharp claws and fangs . Eats almost everything . Kills everything it sees

. Live Both in the U.S.A and Canada

Genoskwa in its habitat

. Leaves footprints with claws on the prints . Scratches on trees to mark its territory

.related to a Sasquatch

Artist’s rendering