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Have you ever seen a tall hairy creature standing in the woods while you were hiking, fishing, or hunting? Well let me tell you what, that was not a guy in a costume, you saw a Sasquatch. These creatures are also known by many different names, including Bigfoot. This Wiki will tell you all about them and the history behind them. It will also talk about current news about the Bigfoot Phenomenon. And it will list recent sightings of the creature with tons of information behind the sighting so you can decide if it was a Bigfoot or a guy in a costume, a hoax. We have made 31 Articles since November 2012! So please tell your friends about the wiki. The wiki is still under construction but it will be fully operating hopefully soon!~

Under New Management

Our Founder, Sniffybear, has given rights to Hermitcrab158. Unfortunately, he has quit. Hermitcrab158 is the new Head of the wiki, after a year without active admins.

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Construction! 11/20/12---2015

The Wiki will begin to improve between these dates. During these dates I will be working on the whole Wiki, this includes making more Articles, touching up some pages, and getting a New Header for the Wiki. So please be patient while the Wiki improves, the best thing you can do right now is tell others about it! And yes, you might notice the date changing from time to time, but it will be finished soon, and it will be finished even sooner if you help! :D