The Yeren (also known as the Chinese Wildman) lives in the bamboo forests of China. This Species of Bigfoot is very peaceful and eats bamboo of the forest. The Yeren has reddish brown, black, brown, and sometimes even white fur. While the Yeren is actually known to be gentle, some people in China believe that the Yeren is dangerous. Many people in China claim to have seen the creature. like most Bigfoots, Yerens are 6-10 feet tall, make howling noises, leave large footprints in the mud, and their mostly found in the mountains. According to the Chinese these creatures are tall haired beasts that live in China. They are mostly aggressive and eat bamboo of the Chinese forests. They throw rocks at humans who invade their territory. Encounters of the Yeren have been on Earth for thousands of years and still nobody knows if these creatures of China are real.

Gigantopithecus with homo erectus-large

Gigantopithecus, a relative of the Yeren

Normal bigfoot yeti sketches 07

Sketch of the Yeren